Why we love fruit de mer

Fruit de mer shellfish platter

Shellfish platters, or ‘fruit de mer’ are a firm favourite at Platter & Slate.  With our contacts at Billingsgate Fish Market (our kitchen is based there), we source the finest and freshest seafood, and put together these wonderful shellfish extravaganzas, which we expertly prepare on the day.

The components of our shellfish platters vary with the seasons and can be tailored to suit your particular tastes. 

Native lobster is at its best in summer months. We can serve this alongside langoustine (Dublin bay prawns), with a range of native and rock oysters topped with classics such as shallot vinaigrette, tabasco and lemon; or wasabi pearls, dashi and seaweed or champagne granita.  Dressed crab is another great option, big juicy prawns with house mayo flavoured with lemon, paprika or truffle. Add a big handful of whelks and winkles cooked to perfection. 

Our platters are beautifully presented, set on a bed of seaweed over ice, and are ready to go. All you need is some bread, a napkin and finger bowl. A glass of champagne or cold crisp white wine (such as Chablis) enhance the taste experience. 
Because they have been expertly prepared, the shellfish are easy to eat – no need to wrestle with lobster crackers and picks. You can also taste the difference from other suppliers who pre-cook and freeze their shellfish – we prepare our platters to order, fresh on the day of your event. 

If you would like to find out more about options, Deanna our head chef would be happy to discuss this with you, so please get in touch:

deanna@platterandslate.com or 07776 136834