What makes the perfect canapé party?

Canapé season is here again!  Here are 5 golden rules to help your canapé and drinks reception be a great success.

1: Taste 

Above all, canapés should be packed with flavour. My canapés are delicious bites for all tastes, delightful twists on some of our most favourite classics.  The best canapés combine several complementary taste and texture dimensions, such as salty, spicy or sweet – think pork belly with spicy apple sauce and crackling crumb.

2: Looks 

We eat first with our eyes, so canapés must look exquisite. They should be interesting in colour, and include edible flowers, micro-herbs or other garnishes for visual interest. They should be presented neatly on an attractive slate or tray.  

3: Size 

So as not to interrupt the flow of conversation and drinks, canapés should be easy to hold in one hand and to eat with one bite.

4: Ingredients 

You can taste the difference when canapés are freshly made on the day, and do not use factory-made products like bought-in pastry cases or cones. Ingredients should be seasonal and responsibly sourced.  At Platter and Slate, we use free range and seasonal products and make components from scratch wherever possible.

5: Variety 

Think about your guests and decide on the main ingredient choices.  If you have a good mix of guests then opt for a mix of vegetarian, meat and fish canapés.  Don’t forget about your guests with allergies and dislikes too.  We like canapé ‘flight’ menus, giving a journey from ‘starter’ canapés through to canapé versions of main courses, and finishing with one or two sweet options. 

If you follow these golden rules, your canapé party or reception will be a night to remember. If you are planning an event, Deanna our head chef would be happy to talk through the options, so please get in touch:

deanna@platterandslate.com or 07776 136834