Party Showstoppers

Fruits de Mer shellfish platters


Shellfish buffet centrepieces or luxurious sharing platters

There is little that is more spectacular than a stunning fruits de mer shellfish platter, served on ice as the crowning centrepiece of a buffet, or as a luxurious sharing platter for each of your tables of guests.

Catering with the freshest possible produce

With our kitchen above Billingsgate Market in Canary Wharf, we are ideally placed to source the very freshest shellfish. We are expert in preparing shellfish properly, important to allow you to eat it with ease and with confidence that hygiene standards have been maintained. A great fruit de mer shellfish platter brings out all the flavours of the sea and looks spectacular on your party table. 

We can design your fruits de mer shellfish platter according to the best seasonal shellfish available at that time of year, catering to suit your particular preferences and budget.

Sample fruit de mer shellfish platter menu

Our shellfish platter catering starts at £40 per head, and can be tailored to the season and your tastes. Here's just one example menu:

  • Lobster, oysters, crab, tiger prawns, clams and other shellfish in season, all professionally prepared, and sourced fresh from Billingsgate Market
  • Handmade sauces and mayonnaise to accompany, e.g. aioli, lemon mayonnaise, flavoured vinegars (for oysters)
  • Garlic bread or shoestring fries
  • All served on ice, on a bed of fresh seaweed
“Fruits de mer” literally translated means “fruits of the sea”, and a great fruits de mer shellfish platter should include the best seasonal shellfish available at that time of year.
— Head Chef Deanna Smith

Party Showstoppers

Iberico ham centrepieces


Party food with dramatic flair: hand-carved Ibérico ham

Sometimes simplicity can be stunning, if the quality speaks for itself.

A theatrical party centrepiece of a whole leg of the highest quality Iberico ham, carved into wafer thin slices on demand for your guests, can make your party a memorable occasion. Serve with melon and figs for guests to help themselves to. Offer a separate, generous platter of delicious artisan cheeses and your guests will be delighted.

The best free range Bellota ham for our party centrepieces

We recommend the very best ham: top of the range Bellotta ham, made with pork from black-hooved Iberico pigs. Bellota Iberico comes only from pigs which roam freely in Spanish oak woodlands and which feast on acorns during the autumn. These acorns give the meat the rich, nutty flavour that Iberico ham is known for. Expertly cured and slowly matured, all it needs to be at its best is to be hand carved into thin, almost translucent slices, just as is often served in Spanish tapas bars.

Iberico ham is famous worldwide for its distinctive flavour and melt in the mouth texture, and it teams perfectly with delicious artisan cheese, especially local Spanish varieties.

Spanish tapas catering and wine accompaniments

We can recommend the perfect wine to accompany your Spanish Iberico ham centrepiece. We find that wines from the AOC Ribera del Duero and Rioja combine really well with a good Iberico ham. Sherry is also an excellent choice.

We can cater other Spanish tapas dishes to accompany your Iberico ham centrepiece – please ask us to design a menu to suit your tastes.

Showstopping party catering from Platter & Slate


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